We Have Better Program Options Now

I had the same cable company for nearly 20 years. The channels have grown by leaps and bounds, but I still was not getting all of the channels that I really wanted. I love Christian programming, plus I enjoy watching a lot of the movie channels. The cable company only offers a few channels per premium movie package, and there is only one Christian channel. When I started looking at direct tv packages online, I knew within minutes that I was going to switch over to them. I thought that I was not missing that many channels with my cable package, but it did not take me long at all to see that there are quite a few quality channels that I am not getting.

Even beyond that is the Christian programming that is available on Direct TV. Even on their lowest tier package, there are several Christian channels. There are also a lot more channels that my children can watch too. I don’t like them to watch cartoons that are geared toward adults, and that seemed to be what most of the cartoon channels had on our cable package.

I looked at all of their packages and realized that even if I ordered their Premier package which has everything I could possibly want, I would still be paying less than what I was paying for less channels from my cable company. I was not under any kind of contract from them, so I called Direct TV and arranged to have one of their satellite dishes installed at my house the following week. We still don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but the difference is that we are watching shows that we want to see now. We no longer have to settle to watch something since we have so many different choices available now.

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