Turning a Leaf and Going Organic

I have been doing a lot of research lately and I have come to the firm conclusion that I need to switch all of the food over to organic food, and just throw away the old food in my house or something. Maybe I can give it to charity, but to be honest, I would feel bad doing that. I do not like the idea of giving someone else this food, full of chemicals and such. I now know I should eat organic and I am reading on New Century Organic website to learn more about how I can buy their products in order to use to make all of my family’s food.

I wish that I had done some research on organic food earlier. I could have learned about the dangers of the chemicals that are used in food production, and saved my family from eating such food earlier. I am kind of concerned about the increase in spending that we are going to have to do in order to accommodate the new foods we are going to be purchasing. But it is more than worth it if I can further assure that my family is eating healthy and not putting a lot of chemicals in their body every time they eat something.

I do not know why, as a society, we have allowed these companies to spray their crops with all sorts of chemicals, and to inject livestock with all sorts of hormones. It is kind of unconscionable to me and I will fully understand it. But I guess a lot of it stems from the fact that people either ignore how bad these things are for them, or they do not know how bad they are in the first place. We need to increase the education of people about what they are eating.

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