This Seems Silly to Me

I ended up on this site while I was chatting with a girl I know from my computer science class, but it really sort of confused me. We were on snapchat and I was trying to get her to go out on a date. This girl is really super cute and really funny, both of which she is completely aware of. At any rate she was talking about something called a snapchat birthday filter and I had no clue at all what she meant by this. At any rate I tried to look it up and found some web pages, which apparently were charging people thirty nine dollars for some sort of background thing. I did not really get the point of it and I definitely did not see the value that you would get in exchange for the money you would be shelling out for it. That is a silly way to use your money it seems, especially if you are as broke as I am.

That is basically all of the money I have left over after I pay my bills, meaning that if I want to eat and drink or do anything like that I have to do it on roughly forty bucks. Of course that means that I eat a lot of ramen noodles and stuff of that sort. It is a big deal to me if I spend four dollars on a burger. I go around with a water bottle so that I do not have to cough up the money for a drink when I order a meal some place. I definitely would not ever try to be cute if it was going to cost me anything like that. I do like snapchat, especially if that is what a girl wants to use when I am working.

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