There Are Probably More Than a Thousand Reasons to Give Flowers to Someone

There are so many occasions and holidays that pop up all the time that require you to participate a bit. Then there are sad events that happen that require participation too. I have always found it interesting that flowers are used for weddings as well as funerals, but I guess that is my philosophical side talking. I use one place for all the flowers delivered in Melbourne that we send out. We are very happy that the majority of the flowers we have sent have been for happy occasions to celebrate.

I like bright floral arrangements that are full of color. I also like ones that are just one or two colors. Over the years I have grown a fondness for the tropical plants in decorative pots that you can have sent too. Those can grow a long time in the container they are sent in before needing separation and repotting. We have tropical plants in containers we now use as houseplants that were once given as funeral arrangements. We don’t know for whom each plant was given as a condolence, but we know they were all associated with the passing of a friend or loved one. They are a reminder that life goes on for the rest of us.

We have neighbors who have a daughter who performs dance in school and other productions. They follow the tradition of giving her flowers after every performance. They don’t just get her a small bouquet either. I see pictures of them all together on social media, and she is always holding a large bouquet after a dance. She is really good, and she will probably end up being a dancer for major productions. There are a thousand or more reasons to give flowers. I think it should be expanded upon to just give a flower or plant for any occasion to mark it as being different, special or extraordinary.

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