The Meters Look Bigger in Person

I know someone who is into adventure and extreme sports, and it seems like every week he’s always looking for new ways to push himself and do something extraordinary. One week he wanted to go diving with the sharks, and the next week he wanted to jump out of an airplane without a parachute and land in a pile of boxes, because he had saw someone else do it and survive. Often he invites me to do crazy things with him, but I decline. One day he asked me how tall is Everest, because he wanted to climb the mountain, and wanted me to do it with him.

At first, I declined my friend’s offer to climb with him, but later I reconsidered. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, standing over 8,000 meters. Many people have climbed the mountain, but not all of them reach the top. To be able to touch the top of Everest would be a monumental achievement, even for someone who has no interest in extreme sports or adventure. I agreed to go with my friend, under the condition that he gets a guide to come with us so we don’t get lost and freeze to death on the mountain.

On the day my friend and I climbed the mountain, we were shaking in our boots, and it wasn’t because of the cold weather. We were scared that we weren’t going to make it. I had never seen my friend this scared. For someone who likes to do crazy things and put his life at risk, he sure wasn’t feeling risky that day. We slowly made our way up the mountain, taking breaks to catch our breath, eat, and rest. There were times when I thought we wouldn’t make it, but we soldiered on and made it to the top.

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