Save on Replacement Blades for Shaving by Using the Best Safety Razor Instead of Cartridges

I like the razors that my dad used. I am not fond of those plastic multi-bladed designs. Dad used a regular razor, and I did too as a young teenager. I wanted to go back to that traditional shave so I looked up reviews for the best safety razor made today. I’m talking about the ones that take a single flat blade. You turn the base of the handle to open the top of the razor. Two little doors fold up so you can replace the blade. It is a cool design that goes way back. They give a really good shave, and you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for replacement blades.

Cheaper blades make it worthwhile to put a new one in for every shave if you want to. This is the best way to get the closest shave with no nicks, cuts, pain or razor burn. Those plastic ones are pricey, and so are those ones that take the cartridge style blades. If you shave, you know how much those things can cost. The best safety razor uses inexpensive single flat blades. I put a new one in for every shave now. I used to replace the blade after about four or five shaves, but since they are so cheap I just start fresh every morning now. My face feels a whole lot better.

When the blades of razors begin to get dull you do not take notice because it gradually gets duller. However, you know that your face hurts more after the second or third shave on any new blade. They just pretty much begin to get dull from the very first swipe across your whiskers. Running them under water does nothing to help them stay fresh either. New blades are the way to go, and safety razors make that an affordable thing to do.

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