Postcards Used to Advertise Charity Drive

Our newspaper agreed to let us run a non-rpfit charity advertisement insert in the midweek edition at no cost if we had the insert printed ourselves. They gave us sizes we could choose from so their machines could automatically insert one into each newspaper printed. We chose a standard 4×6 postcard size since we could also mail ones out to people outside of the area and to those who do not subscribe to or buy the newspaper. Then we found a place that would help us save on postcard printing for a huge quantity of 50,000. They have great prices on small quantities too.

We had a full bleed full color postcard printed on one side with the information for our charity drive. It had our name, address, website info and phone number too. Our charity drive slogan along with a blurb about the need was mentioned too. People inclined to give would go to the website or call us for more information. The cards that were printed were beautiful. They were glossy and the colors were very vibrant. You could not miss seeing them in the newspapers the day they were inserted.

We started to get a lot of calls and website visits that same day. The buzz was building about our charity drive simply from a printed postcard. We then did a subsequent mailing that produced a huge response too. All of that from one piece of printed marketing material that was very cheap to have printed and shipped to us. We got double our money’s worth with them being able to be used in the newspaper and to be mailed. Some leftovers were handed out to leave at the checkout areas of local convenience stores and to hang up on community bulletin boards in the post office and library.

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