My New Girlfriend Loves Her Dog

In fact I am quite sure that a lot of less secure guys might be jealous of the way that she treats this dog. I was a little surprised the first time she and I had steaks. She came over to my place with her dog Beau and she brought three steaks with her, they were really nice ones and probably cost over twenty dollars each. Obviously one was for me and one was for her, the other was for Beau. So today she spent about an hour on iams proactive health dog food review reading. She is really trying to make sure that the dog eats as well as it can and in fact she has been paying one of the kids in her neighborhood to walk him. Like a lot of dog breeds this is one where you need to make sure that they get enough exercise or else they will not be healthy.

At any rate the two of us have been getting along really well, but it is hard to see why we would not. The girl seems to always be smiling and she never seems to have the sorts of moodiness that you find in most people. In truth she is always so busy that it is hard to imagine that she should not be tired all of the time. Her job is the sort where they seem to expect you to be on the clock at all hours of the day and night, but it does not seem to bother her at all. She does envy the fact that I am pretty much my own boss, although this is hardly all that it is cracked up to be. The work has not gotten in the way of us having a fine relationship so far though.

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