My First Experience with Powerpoint in My New Job Title

Catching up to the learning curve of a new job can be daunting. I never had a reason to learn Powerpoint in any job I had before. Now as a company trainer, I needed to have a training curriculum ready to go by Monday morning. I needed to use a Powerpoint consultant to get my presentation ready. I had all of the images and text that I needed, but I could not compete with the Powerpoint veterans the rest of the trainers seemed to be. I needed help to make the material presentable as well as interesting and enjoyable to consume. Plus, I needed to be able to avoid the things you do not want in your presentation. I have seen some slide shows go awry with too much animation and other effects.

The Powerpoint consultant I used got my materials put together into a great presentation piece that I could run during the training seminar I was conducting. I think a couple of the other trainers were really waiting for me to bomb when it come to Powerpoint as they knew I had no experience in using it. They were kind of surprised that my class had a smooth media experience with nothing jarring. It kept the trainees focused, and it was on task for the segments I had to teach. The results were good too as the trainees showed a much higher retention of the information on testing than they had in prior classes.

Now I did gather the materials and took pictures and videos myself, but they were put together into a great presentation by my Powerpoint consultant. That is what tied it all together to make a great training class. I was very happy with the first day results of my new job as a trainer.

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