Mom Wanted to Learn How to Do the Same Thing That I Do

Mom stopped fighting with me about the things that I wear once she saw that I was doing what I could to do odd jobs in order to earn money and buy some of my own clothes. That helped her to understand that I am no longer a child and have a voice of my own about what I want to wear and that my voice should be respected. The very first thing that I bought with my babysitting money was a blue and pink mohair sweater that I had been wanting for quite some time. It finally went on sale, and I got it for 60 percent off. Since I bought it in an off-season, I saved a lot of money. This began my love affair with finding deals. I even taught mom a thing or two!

I got really good over time about catching all the best sales. I was able to purchase myself things at a fraction of the price of the prices that my mom typically found clothing for me. In fact, I was able to find so many things at steep discounts that she didn’t even need to buy me clothes for school anymore. I found that I was really good at it. This is because I joined quiet a few deals forums where members have the ability to alert one another of which sites are having the best sales. Some of the discounts that I get are shirts for $2.99 each, jeans for $5.00 each and dresses that are only $10 a piece!

Mom works in a hospital, so she wears scrubs to work. She doesn’t have that much need for a new wardrobe. But she mentioned one day that she wished that she could learn how to save money on food in the same way that I do with clothes. I then did some searches and found lots of forums for what’s called “couponing.” This is where forum members who want to save a lot of money on groceries.

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