Life is Perfect Here in Colorado

I knew it would not take me long to find the home I wanted for my family because of the realtor that was working with me. She has such a good reputation in the industry, and we are not really that hard to please. There were a few things I wanted to make sure of, and that was having a certain number of bedrooms and baths in the house we chose. I wanted at least five bedrooms with a minimum of six baths. The realtor who sells luxury real estate in Cherry Hills Co told me that shouldn’t be a problem finding since so many people want a lot of bathrooms in their homes now.

I have three children, and I wanted them to each have their own bedroom and bath. I also wanted at least one guest bedroom, and I preferred that to have its own bath as well. Plus, I wanted to have at least one bathroom on the main floor to for when we have guests over just for a few hours. She showed me a house that has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, and it really did seem perfect for us after seeing all the different details about it.

It sits on over two acres of land, and it has a country setting even though it is just a few minutes from town. It has a large swimming pool in the back as well as an outdoor kitchen, which makes it perfect for outdoor entertaining as well. We wanted all the kids to see it before deciding, and it was a unanimous vote to make this our home. We have lived here for nearly six months now, and it feels like we have been here all our lives. Our neighbors are amazing, and it is just perfect here.

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