Jumping into the Tablet World

I’ve been holding out on buying a tablet ever since they became mainstream. I’ve always used a laptop for my computing needs, because they’re more powerful than tablets generally. For me, the only convenience was that tablets weigh less than most laptops, and it’s a little bit more comfortable to use them on the bed. Now, my stance on tablets has changed. Since the newest iPad has been announced, the other models will get some great deals during the holidays. For Cyber Monday iPad deals 2015, I’m going to get an iPad that has a lot of storage space.

I don’t plan to get rid of my laptop. I’m simply going to use the tablet as an addition to the laptop. There are some things the laptop can do that the tablet can’t, and vice versa. It’s best to keep both devices and have the best of both worlds. One thing I’m looking forward to with the tablet I’m going to purchase is the ability to use apps. These apps are exclusive to the app store that Apple has in place, so I can’t use them from my laptop. There are a lot of games that have become popular since the rise in prominence of tablets that I want to try out.

There are also some pretty neat creativity apps on the tablets. There’s one app that simulates many different instruments at once, and you can play them by tapping on the tablet’s screen. On my laptop, something like this wouldn’t have been possible, because I don’t have a touch screen. Even if I did, a program of similar functionality would have cost a lot more than the app does. I can’t wait to play around with the app and make my own music that I can play from my car stereo.

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