It Makes a Lot of Sense to Keep Things Very Simple

I was once invited to a black tie wedding. After spending we trying to get rid get ready for that wedding I told myself that I would never have such a fancy event. Instead, I wanted a simple gown, and I wanted to wear beautiful and inexpensive white topaz gemstones for my event. I wanted to figure out ways to make things easier on everyone. The stress of a formal event was just too much, and I knew that there are much more economical ways to have a beautiful day without stressing everyone out. Life is too short for anyone to deal with frustrating things.

When I was first invited to the formal event, I was excited. The last time that I had a chance to wearing anything formal was when I was in high school and went to a dance that my date invited me too. I had a blast looking for a beautiful gown back then, but I was also a size 2 and fit into just about anything that I tried on. Not only that, but I looked good in most things that I tried on. But as an adult, that was no longer true. It took me three weeks to find the right gown. Most of them did not fit or look good on someone in her fifties. Other guests going to the same event had the same problem.

Aside from needing to find the right attire. I realized that I would need to buy matching shoes. I also needed to get an actual haircut and coloring done at a salon that could handle the job appropriately. This meant a lot of money for these two things alone. I am deathly pale and do not tan easily, so I paid for a spray tan. Since I don’t wear makeup as a norm, I also had to buy a full set of cosmetics to use on that day. By the end of all my purchased, I was frustrated about it. So, when I got married in a simple, casual white dress and wore a beautiful white topaz necklace that sparkled.

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