I Wanted to Find out More About Life Insurance

When my cousin died unexpectedly, we were all shell shocked. She was healthy and in the prime of her life, but that didn’t matter to the drunk driver that hit her. Thankfully, she had life insurance, and that has really helped her husband and three children. He is not able to work right now because of his grief, and the insurance money is helping to pay the bills right now. That got me to thinking about myself though, which is why I contacted a Palatka insurance company to discuss life insurance options with them.

I do have a policy through my work, but it is not for much. My wife will be lucky if it covers burial expenses should something happen to me. It is just not something that either of us had thought about before because we are so young. My cousin’s death really hit me hard though, not only because I loved her but also because it made me think of my own family should something happen. I saw how much it crippled her husband, and I was so thankful he was able to take a couple of months off from work, thanks to the life insurance policy.

I am the main breadwinner in our family, so my wife would be put in a hard spot should something happen to me. She would have trouble covering just the mortgage and utilities let alone the car payment, insurance premiums, and everything that kids need nowadays. The two of us went to the insurance agent’s office together, and we ended up getting a generous life insurance policy for both of us. Should something happen, we want the other to be able to focus on the kids and not have to worry about paying bills. This is going to make that possible now, but hopefully we don’t have to use it for many decades!

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