I Needed to Have Software Created

When I decided to open up two additional shops, I was excited but a bit wary at the same time. I knew that this was a good move because the one shop was just too crowded and we were turning people away. I didn’t want to ever have to do that, so I put together an expansion plan to please the customers as well as my employees. The main thing I had to do was find a way to connect all three shops together, which is where Bespoke Software Development in Bradford came into play for me.

I was using a very old software program to take care of all my business needs, but I knew that I was going to have to upgrade to something a lot more modern that could handle all three shops together. The only problem was that I could not find what I was looking for. I continued to look for several days because the success of all three businesses was dependent upon me finding the right software to link all three shops together. I didn’t even think about hiring a software firm at first, because I thought that those companies only created software for major corporations.

While I was not doing bad at all, I was still a far way from being on the stock market. I decided to see if someone could help me though after striking out over and over again. I was very happy when I found that Loading Deck LTD was a software development company that would be able to create a software program that would allow all three shops to access it simultaneously, which was my goal all along. It did not take long to create, and it works like a charm. The best part is that it was extremely affordable for me too!

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