I Made Money to Put My Child Through School

Because of working as a part time helper in Singapore, I was able to save up enough money to put my child through school. He has several developmental disorders that make traditional learning a real chore. He wasted a couple of years foundering in the regular school before we got a diagnoses that could help him if he attended a different school with other students who needed serious help. The problem is that this school cost a lot of money, money I didn’t have, so I needed to find a part time helper job so I could pay for the tuition.

That’s when I decided to work at a cleaning company looking for part time help to keep up with the numerous clients they have scattered around the city. This company cleans everything from private residences to big businesses including banks, restaurants, and bars. There’s no place they wouldn’t clean if given the chance, I think, so I got a job there and started working with a crew that picked up a couple of fancy office building close to my apartment. I soon learned that I loved my co-workers and enjoyed the job.

Since I already have a full time job, I obviously can’t put in a ton of hours. The great thing about my position is that I can work when I want and pick up as many hours as needed. If I need to take care of my son, they’re totally in agreement with that and all I have to do is call them when I want to get back to work. Most of the people who work here do something similar so it’s not a problem with anyone. I’ve filled in for others who needed time off. The best thing is the pay is quite good and I’m getting closer to paying that tuition by the day.

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