I Have a New Job Suddenly

It was not really on my mind at all. I had a reasonably good job that I found about six months ago. It was not what I was looking for and obviously I would have been happier if the pay had been better. Suddenly I got a call from a recruitment agencies in Bristol, I had signed up with them when I needed a job. They apparently did not know that I have a job and so they called me up. I was thinking that they were wasting my time. However I heard them out and I went to see the people about the position. I told the boss about it, there sure is not any sense in trying to hide it. I figured that they probably knew that they could not easily replace me and this was obviously true. When I told them that I had been offered the new position, their reaction was telling. They were not at all surprised and the first thing they did was to offer me a fairly significant raise. I was tempted to lie to the new place about what they were offering me, but that was not worth the effort.

Of course the big thing with the new position is the ability to move up. The current employer is a really small outfit and the fact is that most of the people above me are in some way related to the family that owns the place. Those people are always going to be grandchildren, nephews and cousins, which is always going to put them higher up the pole than I am. The new one is a major company, with around three hundred employees here at their headquarters. So I can start out and if I do my job I should get a promotion in short order.

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