I Got a Job at Walmart

I have been able to get a job at Wal Mart working in the sporting goods department. Of course I am too young for them to trust me with the sale of the weapons, but for instance I am selling stuff like butler creek scope covers and other firearms accessories. Mostly I am in the sale of the stuff like fishing equipment, because I have a really good knowledge of that stuff. I have been fishing for all of my life pretty much, at least since I was big enough to hold a rod and reel. Of course the big thing I am thinking is that this is going to be a good reference on my resume, but I am going to be going to college in about six months. So I am not going to be here very much longer. In the meanwhile I need to earn as much money as I am going to be able to set aside.

When I go to college in Chapel Hill I am going to be trying to end up with a degree in computer science, because that is a really good way to earn a whole lot of money. It is not something where you are going to want to be overly distracted by other things. I am going to want to spend as much of my time on studying as I can. So I want to have as much money as possible set aside. At first I am going to be staying in the dorms, but that is not going to be too great really. It is going to really depend on how lucky you are to get a guy that you can tolerate to share the dorm room with you. This one guy was telling me about how he got stuck with someone who was just really weird.

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