I Am Ready for the Next Chapter of My Life

My parents tried to warn me that I was rushing into a marriage with a man I knew very little about. I am ashamed to admit that I was angry with them over this. Who did they think they were to stop my one chance for true happiness? Thoughts like those were rampant, and I actually became distant with them for a short period of time. Fast forward a couple of years, and my mom is the one who helped me find a good Salem divorce lawyer. I may not have appreciated or even recognized their support then, but I did when I realized they were right all along.

My husband did not beat me or emotionally abuse me. He just thought that my place was at home raising kids, and his place was where ever he wanted it to be. As soon as we said our vows, he changed. I became pregnant on our honeymoon with twins. I was ecstatic, and he appeared happy enough. He celebrated by cheating on me at least four times that I found out about. He later told me that I was the only one he loved, so I should be okay with that.

I knew our marriage was over when I found out about his affairs. The boys were just over two years old, and my husband threatened to take them away from me if I left him. I thank God daily for my parents help because they found me the best lawyer I could have had. I did not want to lose my children, especially to a man who showed very little attention or affection toward them. The lawyer helped me secure my rights as their mother, and I also knew I was not going to have to worry about finances either after all the dust had settled. I am ready for this next chapter of my life now!

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