I Am Now Enjoying My Retirment

I retired awhile ago but it took me some time to learn to enjoy it. While I always dreamed of having more time I didn’t have a firm plan of what to do with it. Some things I could so when younger I can not any longer. Also free time does not come with free money so my choices of what to do are limited due to funds as well. So at first I just sat and watched comcast cable tv and surfed the web. I only got out for chores like shopping. This was no way to spend my retirement though sadly it is how most people do spend theirs it seems.

First thing I did was finally get my fishing license. I kept saying I would for years but now I finally went and did it. I got my old gear together and headed to the lake. I just fished now and then both at the lake and in the river for trout. Then I bought more gear and began doing it more regular. At the very least it’s practically free food. Now I remember why I loved it so much while younger.

I also looked for some like minded groups. I have a bowling league now that meets weekly which is just for fun for us older folks. It helps to have friends to hang out with and do something you enjoy. I also found a poker game to go to most weeks. It’s small stakes and just for fun but I do win a lot and that helps fun my other hobbies. Now I watch less TV since I am out more. I also make it a point to just read in the evenings sometimes instead of having the TV on but I do still have my comcast cable tv so that I can watch my cooking shows. That’s another of my hobbies.

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