He Was Being Honest with Me About What Would Happen

I can fully admit that I am more than a bit lazy when it comes to taking care of things outdoors in my yard. Whether it is letting the grass get too tall, or raking leaves or taking care of the trees outdoors, I so often let things slide before they became a problem. At one point around six months ago a company employee who is an expert with tree service in Brooklyn NY was next door trimming my neighbor’s trees. He took a look at the very tall ones in my yard and pointed out that mine had branches that were dying and they needed to come off before they hit my car. I brushed off what he had to say as something that probably wouldn’t happen.

No more than 3 weeks after I was given the advice about my trees, we had a really bad thunderstorm. I woke up during the night when heavy winds and lightning woke me up. I remember hearing a loud crash around 3AM, when I was woken up a second time. I wondered if a tree branch outside fell and hit the sidewalk.

The next morning, I went outside and suddenly remembered that there had been a rough storm just hours earlier. I look around, and that is when I saw the 8 foot and very heavy branch sitting just 2 feet away from my car. I rushed over, and sure enough, it had hit the car and bounced off and landed where I saw it. The top and side of my car were severely dented. The paint was scratched badly. The unfortunate thing is that I only had basic insurance on my car, so I was either going to have to pay to fix my care out of my own pocket or live with it. Had I listened to the employee weeks earlier, the problem would not have occurred in the first place.

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