Going Local is Not Always the Best Answer

I realize that being a kid means that your parents handle most of life’s little issues so that you don’t have to worry about them. But I know for a fact that the products and services my parents used when I was very young were made well and service was typically good. I wanted to try to stay local with some of the things I use, so I chose a small, independent cable provider to get service from. After numerous problems, I was ready to give up. So, when I saw an advertisement about satellite television packages offered by a much bigger and well-known company, I found myself browsing the information anyway. I wondered if the switch would be what I needed.

I called them to ask some questions and was pretty happy to see that their prices are almost half of what the local provider was charging me. I was not sure if that was a good or bad sign, but I know the company had to be offering somewhat decent service to have so many customers. The employee stated that I could try the service out for free for 30-days to see if I liked it. If I found myself not feeling satisfied at the end of the period, I could cancel everything without any penalties. That was what made me say yes.

After dumping the other company, I found myself missing my usual cable programming. So, I was looking forward to the day that the installer showed up to put in my new service. It was really nice to see how many more channels I would get with satellite service. I had been missing out on so many channels that show football games each year, and this new package had all the channels that I was missing. After 30 days, I had zero problems, so I’ve kept the service and they haven’t made me regret my decision either. Proof that there are still companies out there that offer excellent service in today’s times.

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