Gets Rid of an Unsightly Bum

If you had told me my girlfriend would get me to look into male anal bleaching, I would have laughed in your face. I couldn’t imagine any scenario in which I would use such a product. It’s ridiculous on the face of it, yet depending on the nature of your relationship it isn’t that far out there. We like to get up to all sorts of things in our bedroom and she, being from England, groused about having to look at my unsightly bum. When I finished laughing she suggested I use a bleaching cream to lighten things up.

Well, after I made a lot of noise she got me to look online about it a few days later. I didn’t think it was a big thing, but apparently it is. People buy creams to lighten the skin around their privates in order to make them look youthful, I think, or cleaner. There is some usefulness there I think. I’ve noticed parts of my skin getting darker the older I get. For example, the skin around my waist where the band of my pants rests is definitely darker. I guess the same thing happens after you’ve been sitting on your bum for decades. The pressure causes the skin to get darker.

So we tried a cream after finding a site that provided information on a few different brands. The cream promised to noticeably lighten up the area where it was applied, but I kind of doubted it would work. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only did it work, it worked very quickly for me. My girlfriend could notice a difference in a few days and she kept making me put it on. At the end of two months the difference was shocking. It’s not something I go around bragging about, but it did work.

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