Found a Nice Place in the Country

We were a little surprised that we found a place which was as affordable as this one is. It is not very big at all and it is not really in a good location for me, but Katie is starting a new teaching job and she is going to be quite close to the school. The place is out in the country, just beyond the suburbs of Bowling Green. If you click here you will see how I figured out where to get gas for the house. I was really delighted when I saw that the house had a natural gas tank and a very good heating system. In fact it works almost too well. It was pretty cold the first night we moved in and we turned on the heat. Within a very short while the place was blazing hot and we had to turn it back down almost all of the way.

I am going to hook up a generator to run on natural gas, because I figure that there is a pretty fair chance that the next ice storm is going to knock out the power here quite quickly. The power lines go right through a long way in the woods. It is not hard to imagine that any of them could fall down at any time. My father in law has his house set up so that he hardly knows it when the power goes off. So long as he has natural gas most of the stuff in the house works. Obviously you do not have the power to run every thing in the house, but no one really needs all of the stuff that they have plugged in their house. You can get by with a lot less than you might like to have really.

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