Fitting a Second Story over the Garage to Tie into a Newer Home Extension

I have always believed that you get what you pay for. That is why I always hire the best professional for whatever job that I need done. I used to hire handymen to do odd jobs around both my house as well as my company. The work was always okay, but it was never great. That is when I realized I needed to just hire professionals, so the job would be done right the first time. I needed to find a company that did roof repairs for Gold Coast about two years ago when my wife and I decided to build a second floor to the garage attached to our house. We were building over the garage and tying into the gable roof and extension we did years ago on the second floor of our house.

I wanted to be involved in every aspect of the construction, including selecting which contractors were going to do the various parts of the job that needed done. I already had a plumber and electrician that I have used in the past and was well satisfied with their work, but I did not have any roofers since the owner of the last company I used had retired. The roof over the garage needed removed with sidewalls and custom-cut rafters being made to tie the structure into the second floor extension space that already had been done a few years ago. I needed the garage roof removed, a floor put in, sidewalls put up and the new rafters cut and placed fast. The sheathing and shingles needed to be put up before the rainy season began. The company I hired that does roof repairs for Gold Coast was expert in cutting new rafters to fit perfectly in the space where the second floor space was being fitted into. Now that all the siding and roofing is done, you cannot tell it was not part of the original house design. They did a great job really fast.

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