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Is Your Business Ecologically Sound?

Checking into your erosion and sediment control is very important for any business owner. Ever see those horror stories on the news about a flood and you see all those pictures of business completely destroyed? Sure, many of them suffer that fate because they’re unlucky enough to be located in a flood zone, but more than a few of them could have come out unscathed if they had bothered to check into their landscaping and their soil. It’s not enough to just build your business and not worry about run off and flooding. You have to prepare for it ahead of time.

We found a company to come in and do some measurements on the land because we’re planning on building a new structure there and we wanted to make sure it was as safe as possible because we’re going to be doing some research and development there that is quite costly and can’t afford to lose everything in a disaster like a flood or torrential rains. The insurance might cover some of it, but it won’t cover the lost hours on projects or the lost research information we’ve learned from our various projects.

They came in and put up all sorts of nifty devices, such as silt fences and filter socks on the ground. This will slow any potential flooding and keep the soil in place should such an event occur. It’s just extra protection against the elements. Word apparently got around about what we did because some of the local politicians and environmental groups reached out to us to see if they could showcase our property and have us go around to other businesses to show how important it is to take care of your land in this environmentally safe way. We didn’t do it for the attention, but hopefully others do the same.

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I Am Looking at a Little House

I really love the location of this place and the price would be really good if I was sure that I could do all that needs to be done economically. There is a lot that needs to be done and one thing I will for sure have to hire someone else to do it. There is a huge number of bees in one of the out buildings and I am not sure what sort of bees that they are. So I am going to find someone that does bee removal for Phoenix AZ and let them deal with them. If they are Africanized honey bees (killer bees), then you just do not want to get any place near them without one of those suits that will protect you. Obviously I have no clue what they are, but we do have the bad ones here and so I am not going to take any chances. I used to know a guy who did this sort of thing back in Texas. In fact he wanted to get the bees and then use them for their honey. Continue reading

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I Am Ready for the Next Chapter of My Life

My parents tried to warn me that I was rushing into a marriage with a man I knew very little about. I am ashamed to admit that I was angry with them over this. Who did they think they were to stop my one chance for true happiness? Thoughts like those were rampant, and I actually became distant with them for a short period of time. Fast forward a couple of years, and my mom is the one who helped me find a good Salem divorce lawyer. I may not have appreciated or even recognized their support then, but I did when I realized they were right all along.

My husband did not beat me or emotionally abuse me. He just thought that my place was at home raising kids, and his place was where ever he wanted it to be. As soon as we said our vows, he changed. I became pregnant on our honeymoon with twins. Continue reading

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