Choosing to Protect My Family with an Alarm System

When a cat knocks over something on your porch a few days after your neighbor’s house was burglarized while they were on vacation it makes you nervous. I was spending a lot of time wondering why we did not see or hear anything. We are not even sure when they broke in. It might have been while we were at work, or it might have been while we were sleeping. Hearing the noise the cat made I wondered what would happen if it was a criminal who did not make any noise. I went to to look into getting a home security system to provide us early warning.

The main purpose of an alarm is to act as a deterrent. Security systems are great at that. Thieves want to do what they do in secret. Noisy alarm systems call attention to what they are up to. Cameras installed as part of a home alarm system act as even a better deterrent. What criminal would want to be caught on camera? Add into the mix the fact that the whole system is monitored from a central monitoring center, and that rounds out the deterrent factor. Criminals know when they see the yard sign announcing that the home is protected by and alarm system that the police will be called to ruin their day if the alarm is tripped. This makes choosing an easier target, a house without an alarm system, a better option.

My neighbors who got burglarized still do not have an alarm system. They keep putting it off. I even heard the dad rationalize that they should not have to change their lifestyles one bit because of criminals. That is like saying he should not have to move his family out of a grass hut just because a hurricane is coming. We opted to get an alarm system for our house.

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