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The Meters Look Bigger in Person

I know someone who is into adventure and extreme sports, and it seems like every week he’s always looking for new ways to push himself and do something extraordinary. One week he wanted to go diving with the sharks, and the next week he wanted to jump out of an airplane without a parachute and land in a pile of boxes, because he had saw someone else do it and survive. Often he invites me to do crazy things with him, but I decline. One day he asked me how tall is Everest, because he wanted to climb the mountain, and wanted me to do it with him.

At first, I declined my friend’s offer to climb with him, but later I reconsidered. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, standing over 8,000 meters. Many people have climbed the mountain, but not all of them reach the top. To be able to touch the top of Everest would be a monumental achievement, even for someone who has no interest in extreme sports or adventure. I agreed to go with my friend, under the condition that he gets a guide to come with us so we don’t get lost and freeze to death on the mountain.

On the day my friend and I climbed the mountain, we were shaking in our boots, and it wasn’t because of the cold weather. We were scared that we weren’t going to make it. I had never seen my friend this scared. For someone who likes to do crazy things and put his life at risk, he sure wasn’t feeling risky that day. We slowly made our way up the mountain, taking breaks to catch our breath, eat, and rest. There were times when I thought we wouldn’t make it, but we soldiered on and made it to the top.

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It Makes a Lot of Sense to Keep Things Very Simple

I was once invited to a black tie wedding. After spending we trying to get rid get ready for that wedding I told myself that I would never have such a fancy event. Instead, I wanted a simple gown, and I wanted to wear beautiful and inexpensive white topaz gemstones for my event. I wanted to figure out ways to make things easier on everyone. The stress of a formal event was just too much, and I knew that there are much more economical ways to have a beautiful day without stressing everyone out. Life is too short for anyone to deal with frustrating things.

When I was first invited to the formal event, I was excited. The last time that I had a chance to wearing anything formal was when I was in high school and went to a dance that my date invited me too. Continue reading

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Mom Wanted to Learn How to Do the Same Thing That I Do

Mom stopped fighting with me about the things that I wear once she saw that I was doing what I could to do odd jobs in order to earn money and buy some of my own clothes. That helped her to understand that I am no longer a child and have a voice of my own about what I want to wear and that my voice should be respected. The very first thing that I bought with my babysitting money was a blue and pink mohair sweater that I had been wanting for quite some time. It finally went on sale, and I got it for 60 percent off. Since I bought it in an off-season, I saved a lot of money. This began my love affair with finding deals. Continue reading

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Gets Rid of an Unsightly Bum

If you had told me my girlfriend would get me to look into male anal bleaching, I would have laughed in your face. I couldn’t imagine any scenario in which I would use such a product. It’s ridiculous on the face of it, yet depending on the nature of your relationship it isn’t that far out there. We like to get up to all sorts of things in our bedroom and she, being from England, groused about having to look at my unsightly bum. When I finished laughing she suggested I use a bleaching cream to lighten things up.

Well, after I made a lot of noise she got me to look online about it a few days later. I didn’t think it was a big thing, but apparently it is. People buy creams to lighten the skin around their privates in order to make them look youthful, I think, or cleaner. There is some usefulness there I think. Continue reading

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Fitting a Second Story over the Garage to Tie into a Newer Home Extension

I have always believed that you get what you pay for. That is why I always hire the best professional for whatever job that I need done. I used to hire handymen to do odd jobs around both my house as well as my company. The work was always okay, but it was never great. That is when I realized I needed to just hire professionals, so the job would be done right the first time. I needed to find a company that did roof repairs for Gold Coast about two years ago when my wife and I decided to build a second floor to the garage attached to our house. We were building over the garage and tying into the gable roof and extension we did years ago on the second floor of our house. Continue reading

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A Big Enough Apartment for the Six of Us

When I started looking at a new condo to move into, I knew that it could possibly be hard because my wife and I have four children. They had each been sharing a bedroom with one other, but we knew that it was time for them to have their own rooms since they are all getting older, especially our oldest daughter. My wife had started looking since it could take a while to find what we wanted, but as soon as she saw the Bellewoods EC floor plan for a five bedroom unit, she told me that it was as if it was made just for us.

At the far end is the master bedroom with a large walk in closet and its own private bath. Just next to it is the first bedroom, where our youngest son could use. Continue reading

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Found a Nice Place in the Country

We were a little surprised that we found a place which was as affordable as this one is. It is not very big at all and it is not really in a good location for me, but Katie is starting a new teaching job and she is going to be quite close to the school. The place is out in the country, just beyond the suburbs of Bowling Green. If you click here you will see how I figured out where to get gas for the house. I was really delighted when I saw that the house had a natural gas tank and a very good heating system. In fact it works almost too well. It was pretty cold the first night we moved in and we turned on the heat. Continue reading

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Becoming an Even More Successful Photographer

I knew that I wanted to go to design school, and I was quite happy when I found one that has a 12 month program. I am a photographer, and I just wanted to be able to edit my pictures a lot better than what I was capable of. I did not need to go to a university to learn this. I looked over the structure and modules of the course before applying, and I was happy that this school would be able to help me in the areas that I was lacking, which would make me a better photographer.

I liked that I would only have to devote three hours a day for five days of the week to it. This would take place in 12 week courses over the course of four terms. I could have taken a part time course, but I wanted to get the full experience. Having nine hours of courses per week rather than 15 meant that I would be missing out on something, and I just did not want that. Continue reading

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I Got a Job at Walmart

I have been able to get a job at Wal Mart working in the sporting goods department. Of course I am too young for them to trust me with the sale of the weapons, but for instance I am selling stuff like butler creek scope covers and other firearms accessories. Mostly I am in the sale of the stuff like fishing equipment, because I have a really good knowledge of that stuff. I have been fishing for all of my life pretty much, at least since I was big enough to hold a rod and reel. Of course the big thing I am thinking is that this is going to be a good reference on my resume, but I am going to be going to college in about six months. So I am not going to be here very much longer. In the meanwhile I need to earn as much money as I am going to be able to set aside. Continue reading

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Postcards Used to Advertise Charity Drive

Our newspaper agreed to let us run a non-rpfit charity advertisement insert in the midweek edition at no cost if we had the insert printed ourselves. They gave us sizes we could choose from so their machines could automatically insert one into each newspaper printed. We chose a standard 4×6 postcard size since we could also mail ones out to people outside of the area and to those who do not subscribe to or buy the newspaper. Then we found a place that would help us save on postcard printing for a huge quantity of 50,000. They have great prices on small quantities too.

We had a full bleed full color postcard printed on one side with the information for our charity drive. It had our name, address, website info and phone number too. Our charity drive slogan along with a blurb about the need was mentioned too. People inclined to give would go to the website or call us for more information. The cards that were printed were beautiful. They were glossy and the colors were very vibrant. Continue reading

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He Was Being Honest with Me About What Would Happen

I can fully admit that I am more than a bit lazy when it comes to taking care of things outdoors in my yard. Whether it is letting the grass get too tall, or raking leaves or taking care of the trees outdoors, I so often let things slide before they became a problem. At one point around six months ago a company employee who is an expert with tree service in Brooklyn NY was next door trimming my neighbor’s trees. He took a look at the very tall ones in my yard and pointed out that mine had branches that were dying and they needed to come off before they hit my car. I brushed off what he had to say as something that probably wouldn’t happen.

No more than 3 weeks after I was given the advice about my trees, we had a really bad thunderstorm. I woke up during the night when heavy winds and lightning woke me up. I remember hearing a loud crash around 3AM, when I was woken up a second time. I wondered if a tree branch outside fell and hit the sidewalk.

The next morning, I went outside and suddenly remembered that there had been a rough storm just hours earlier. I look around, and that is when I saw the 8 foot and very heavy branch sitting just 2 feet away from my car. I rushed over, and sure enough, it had hit the car and bounced off and landed where I saw it. The top and side of my car were severely dented. The paint was scratched badly. The unfortunate thing is that I only had basic insurance on my car, so I was either going to have to pay to fix my care out of my own pocket or live with it. Had I listened to the employee weeks earlier, the problem would not have occurred in the first place.

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Jumping into the Tablet World

I’ve been holding out on buying a tablet ever since they became mainstream. I’ve always used a laptop for my computing needs, because they’re more powerful than tablets generally. For me, the only convenience was that tablets weigh less than most laptops, and it’s a little bit more comfortable to use them on the bed. Now, my stance on tablets has changed. Since the newest iPad has been announced, the other models will get some great deals during the holidays. For Cyber Monday iPad deals 2015, I’m going to get an iPad that has a lot of storage space.

I don’t plan to get rid of my laptop. I’m simply going to use the tablet as an addition to the laptop. There are some things the laptop can do that the tablet can’t, and vice versa. It’s best to keep both devices and have the best of both worlds. One thing I’m looking forward to with the tablet I’m going to purchase is the ability to use apps. Continue reading

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Going Local is Not Always the Best Answer

I realize that being a kid means that your parents handle most of life’s little issues so that you don’t have to worry about them. But I know for a fact that the products and services my parents used when I was very young were made well and service was typically good. I wanted to try to stay local with some of the things I use, so I chose a small, independent cable provider to get service from. After numerous problems, I was ready to give up. So, when I saw an advertisement about satellite television packages offered by a much bigger and well-known company, I found myself browsing the information anyway. I wondered if the switch would be what I needed.

I called them to ask some questions and was pretty happy to see that their prices are almost half of what the local provider was charging me. Continue reading

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Save on Replacement Blades for Shaving by Using the Best Safety Razor Instead of Cartridges

I like the razors that my dad used. I am not fond of those plastic multi-bladed designs. Dad used a regular razor, and I did too as a young teenager. I wanted to go back to that traditional shave so I looked up reviews for the best safety razor made today. I’m talking about the ones that take a single flat blade. You turn the base of the handle to open the top of the razor. Two little doors fold up so you can replace the blade. It is a cool design that goes way back. They give a really good shave, and you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for replacement blades.

Cheaper blades make it worthwhile to put a new one in for every shave if you want to. Continue reading

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Turning a Leaf and Going Organic

I have been doing a lot of research lately and I have come to the firm conclusion that I need to switch all of the food over to organic food, and just throw away the old food in my house or something. Maybe I can give it to charity, but to be honest, I would feel bad doing that. I do not like the idea of giving someone else this food, full of chemicals and such. I now know I should eat organic and I am reading on New Century Organic website to learn more about how I can buy their products in order to use to make all of my family’s food.

I wish that I had done some research on organic food earlier. Continue reading

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The Fear of Living Alone

After discovering this medical alert systems review, I began to dig into the history of the medical alarm out of pure curiosity. Home alert systems were conceived and developed in Germany in the early 1970s by Wilhelm Hormann with the aim of developing new comprehensive structures for ambulatory and non-ambulatory care for the sick, the elderly, those who live alone, and disabled persons. Hormann’s concept of “home alert” is thus to be seen as fairly broad, including the communication of biomedical data and social communication, and not limited to use as an “elder alarm”.

A medical alarm is an alarm system designed to signal the presence of a hazard requiring urgent attention and to summon emergency medical personnel. Other terms for a medical alarm are Personal Emergency Response System or medical alert. Continue reading

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Inevitable Changes Coming to the Cable Industry

Watching satellite TV on your PC delivered through the Direct TV Internet is the holy grail of entertainment today. As we step further into 2015 the hype has started and it seems that everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you something to make the dream come true. What exactly do these products do I ask? I’ve never tried one because I’m not convinced that I would be getting value for money. As far as I’m aware they don’t give you anything that you can’t find freely available elsewhere on the net. I’ve been getting quite interested in the possibilities presented by video over the Internet lately so I’ve done a little research and come to some fascinating conclusions.

You won’t find the same prime time programming on the Internet, as you get on satellite TV, not legally anyway, unless you pay for packages like HULU. Continue reading

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Choosing to Protect My Family with an Alarm System

When a cat knocks over something on your porch a few days after your neighbor’s house was burglarized while they were on vacation it makes you nervous. I was spending a lot of time wondering why we did not see or hear anything. We are not even sure when they broke in. It might have been while we were at work, or it might have been while we were sleeping. Hearing the noise the cat made I wondered what would happen if it was a criminal who did not make any noise. I went to to look into getting a home security system to provide us early warning.

The main purpose of an alarm is to act as a deterrent. Security systems are great at that. Continue reading

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The Idea Behind ADT Security

Once upon a time, people were able to leave their front door unlocked and never had to second guess whether that would impact their safety in any way. Obviously this is no longer a reality, because home invasions and robberies seem to be on the rise. Certainly we all hope that it will never happen to us and there are many homes that will never be touched, but few people are willing to trust the safety of their loved ones and possessions to chance like this. Instead head over to where ADT is offering an amazing plan to get security that will ensure everything is okay.

This plan is surprisingly affordable, to the point that most will not even notice it adding up over the years. Continue reading

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I Am Now Enjoying My Retirment

I retired awhile ago but it took me some time to learn to enjoy it. While I always dreamed of having more time I didn’t have a firm plan of what to do with it. Some things I could so when younger I can not any longer. Also free time does not come with free money so my choices of what to do are limited due to funds as well. So at first I just sat and watched comcast cable tv and surfed the web. I only got out for chores like shopping. This was no way to spend my retirement though sadly it is how most people do spend theirs it seems.

First thing I did was finally get my fishing license. I kept saying I would for years but now I finally went and did it. I got my old gear together and headed to the lake. I just fished now and then both at the lake and in the river for trout. Then I bought more gear and began doing it more regular. Continue reading

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