A Celebrity on the Internet

I heard that once you buy twitch followers, your channel changes like you would never have expected. I didn’t really believe this, and I didn’t want to spend any money on followers, much less anything else. I guess that comes from my natural ability to be cheap. One day I was thinking about it, and since I had some money to spare, I bought some followers. I was not prepared for what would happen after that.

After buying the followers, tons of people started to flock to my channel. They would show up even when I wasn’t streaming to wait for me to start streaming. It was like having some birds wait outside of your home on a tree, or having a dog wait in your bed for you to wake up. It was one of the oddest things I had ever seen, but at the same time, there was something satisfying about it, because the viewers had dedication.

No matter what I would play on stream, they would continue to watch. Even the worst games would still get a pretty good turnout. People would share my stream among their friends on their social networks whenever I was about to go on the air, and this caused more people to watch. I had turned into a mini Internet celebrity, and it was all because I bought some followers.

The next thing that happened was even weirder. It was normal for people to recognize me on the Internet, but some people actually recognized me in real life. I was at the store one day buying some food, when I was stopped by a person who asked me if I was the streamer of my channel, and I told them yes. They wanted to have a picture taken with me, and wanted my autograph too.

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