A Big Enough Apartment for the Six of Us

When I started looking at a new condo to move into, I knew that it could possibly be hard because my wife and I have four children. They had each been sharing a bedroom with one other, but we knew that it was time for them to have their own rooms since they are all getting older, especially our oldest daughter. My wife had started looking since it could take a while to find what we wanted, but as soon as she saw the Bellewoods EC floor plan for a five bedroom unit, she told me that it was as if it was made just for us.

At the far end is the master bedroom with a large walk in closet and its own private bath. Just next to it is the first bedroom, where our youngest son could use. Across the hall diagonally from his bedroom is another bedroom of the same size, which would be good for his older brother. Right across the hall from him is a slightly bigger bedroom which is perfect for our oldest daughter. She is 16 and wants her privacy, which is easy to understand. It has its own junior master bath, which we knew she would love. Then next to her is the room that her younger sister would use.

There is a bathroom close to the bedrooms of the three youngest children. There is also a gourmet kitchen which is quite huge. I knew that my wife would love that as she is always experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with delicious meals for all of us. There is a living room and dining room next to the kitchen which is large enough to hold all of us plus some friends. Finally, the balcony that is right off both those rooms is the perfect place for us to relax. Yes, this is the perfect home for all of us!

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